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When it comes to the creative process, we have two priorities. First, we always create ENGAGING CONTENT of the highest quality. Second, we make sure to foster a seamless, STRESS-FREE experience.

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Shearwater Health

Featured Project

Shearwater Health wanted a video to explain exactly what they do and we we knew we could help. Since animation is one of the most effective ways to explain a product or process, we created this explainer video to show what sets them apart.

Types of  Animation

Cartoon animation is the style most people think of for animation because it’s the most common. They can be done with 2D or 3D animation, but either option are engaging to viewers.

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Whiteboard animation is a style of video where an image is drawn on the screen, with a live action hand often included in the video. This style is simple, but very engaging.

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Thought most people think of infographics as merely images, infographic animation can be a perfect choice if you have content that is heavy in numbers. This is often done with charts, tables, and moving graphs.

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Kinetic typography is simply the style of moving text, which can be used exclusively in the video or as an element in any other type of video.

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Now more than ever, it seems that businesses and brands are putting their heart and soul into developing the perfect product. However, even some of the best products fail to become a success unless they are marketed well. The good news, the whole online world has opened up simple and impactful ways to market various products and services. Amongst the most effective ways nowadays to grab the attention of your target audience are good ole animated videos for your business. 

You see, animated videos help highlight the key points about your company or product in a simple and effective manner. If your goal is to sell a product, or explain a concept or an idea to a large crowd, animated videos from Push Focus are a sure shot way of keeping your target audience interested and engaged in what you are saying.

Remember: Entertainment + Engagement = Sales!


Animation Helps You Stand Out From the Competition

No matter what industry you’re involved with, the world is increasingly transforming into a competitive marketplace and it’s very important for your business to stand out from the competition. The animated videos you get from Push Focus will set you apart from your competitors. It establishes you as a creative, innovative and even futuristic company.


It Boosts Conversion Rates

We’re not kidding when we say that animations do not just engage your customers; they also inspire them to actually make purchases and help your business in maximizing profits. Statistics have revealed that including an animated video on your landing page can increase your conversion rate by a grand 80%.

So whether you are trying to sell clothing or books, any product can be marketed through an animated video. Really! It doesn’t matter how serious or light-hearted your product is.


Animation Improves SEO

Just like we do, Google also loves animated video content! By including animated videos on your website, you can easily improve your SEO and can help your business to rank higher on Google searches. This makes you more visible and accessible to even more potential clients.

Google’s algorithm for search rankings also considers the amount of time visitors stick around on your website, and this is one of the many reasons that animated videos have been witnessing explosive growth!


It Helps Clients and Customers Easily Understand Your Product

The fact of the matter is if a potential customer is unable to grasp what you are selling them, they surely won’t want to buy it. The good news is, animation explains the purpose and function of your product in an easy-to-understand way.

This is especially true when you’re dealing with a complex idea or product. Trying to explain it with written copy and flat images can be very challenging. However, animated videos are a great way to convey technical and complex ideas and messages in the form of a short story. 

Promoting your product through an animated video – whether a whiteboard animation video or a 2D animation video from Push Focus – simplifies your product. With animation, you can easily break down how your product works to its simplest form.

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Video is one of the most important elements a brand can use for promotion and marketing.

Your website is the first thing people when see when they search for your brand, so let us help you make it beautiful and engaging.