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Established in 2015, The Centennial is an upscale dive bar with craft beer – as well as all the old favorites – a food menu that they keep limited to make sure everything is outstanding, outdoor space, plenty of TVs, and always, Fun! Opened in November 2015 by two friends – one who was based in Nashville and one who moved from the US Virgin Islands to start this adventure – they’ve become one of The Nations neighborhood’s favorite haunts since.

Client Request

The Centennial had created an iconic dive bar in Nashville, but hadn’t spent much time on marketing. They needed a website so that potential customers could find them online.

Our Strategy

We quickly realized that The Centennial was Nashville’s “Cheers”, so we wanted the website to represent that. We wanted it to feel slightly nostalgic, so we kept most of it in black and white, with red accents. We decided to make the website a bit sarcastic to match the vibe of the bar. We included little bits of humor throughout, including joking about never responding, a fake reservations page, etc.

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