actress filming a commercial for a nashville healthcare company

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PrEP is a once a day pill that prevents the spread of HIV and Music City PrEP Clinic is one of the largest providers of PrEP in the country. They’ve had a major impact on slowing the spread of HIV in Tennessee and we’ve been proud to partner with them to spread the word of their amazing work!

Client Request

Music City Prep wanted to do a series of 3 television commercials that highlighted the ease of getting on PrEP through their clinic. They also wanted to create 15 second versions of each commercial for social media. Each video needed to have energy and tell their story quickly. They also wanted to show diversity in the clientele for their clinic.
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Our Strategy

We used our custom casting process at to cast 7 lead actors and 20 extras for the 2.5 days of filming. We utilized four filming locations, which included a house, a restaurant, an office space, and a studio. We used the house for multiple scenes by setting three of the rooms to look like they are in different locations.
actress filming a commercial for a nashville healthcare company

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