female actor in nashville for a video production shoot

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Michael Hyatt equips goal-minded individuals, business owners, and leaders of the world’s largest companies with the resources they need to accelerate their performance. Their proprietary Full Focus System applies the latest research in productivity and goal achievement to deliver consistent progress and predictable results. Since their launch in 2011, they’ve coached more than 970 business owners and impacted more than one million people with the Full Focus Planner.

Client Request

Michael Hyatt wanted to create a video series explaining how to use their new set of kids and young adult day planners. These planners are built from the latest science in productivity and goal-setting, and they wanted to help teach kids and young adults how to maximize their effectiveness.
female actor in nashville for a video production shoot
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Our Strategy

We cast two actors and filmed the two videos at the Michael Hyatt office. We used a teleprompter and filmed a wide shot and closeup to cut back and forth between, with the actresses looking directly at the camera the whole time. For the closeups of the books, we created a 3d render of the planners and used After Effects to animate handwriting filling in the different sections.

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