Explain your product with animation

Animated explainer videos are one of the most effective tools a brand can use for growing their business and converting customers. In fact, explainer videos are 64% more likely to convert a visitor than text alone. And in some instances, explainer videos have improved lead generation by 403%.

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Types of

There are many types of animation, and we can create any of them.

Cartoon Animation

Cartoon animation is the style most people think of for animation because it’s the most common. They can be done with 2D or 3D animation, but either option are engaging to viewers.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is a style of video where an image is drawn on the screen, with a live action hand often included in the video. This style is simple, but very engaging.

Infographic Animation

Though most people think of infographics as merely images, infographic animation can be a perfect choice if you have content that is heavy in numbers. This is often done with charts, tables, and moving graphs.

Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography is simply the style of moving text, which can be used exclusively in the video or as an element in any other type of video.

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We can develop the concept, film, and edit amazing video content.

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This varies on many factors - what type of animation (2D, 3D, Graphic, etc.), video length, how custom it is, etc. We ask a bunch of questions before giving an official quote, but we’ve created a form you can fill out to get an initial estimate for your project.

This varies on many factors, but our average is about 4-5 weeks for an animated video. If you have a shorter timeline than that, though, we can work with you. To get it done quickly.

No! The beauty of animation is that it can be done from anywhere. That’s why we work with businesses from all over the world.

The answer depends on what type of animated video you’re creating. If you’re creating an animated explainer video, for example, 60 seconds is typically your ideal length.

We include 2 rounds of revisions for every project, but for animated videos this can be a lot more. Since we do the videos in sections, you get 2 rounds of revisions per section.