Use this to save a few clicks and speed up your workflow, or just mute all audio tracks and catch up on your latest podcast while you work on color grading.

This quick tip is how to toggle on and off multiple track options at the same time. For example, if you want to disable all video tracks or mute all audio tracks, or even lock all video tracks.

In Premiere on the left of the sequence panel are the track options. If you click these they will toggle on and off different features individually such as track lock, track targeting, sync lock, track output, and on the audio side mute and solo.

However, if you want to toggle multiple ones at the same time, you can hold shift when you click. This will only affect the ones with the same status, though, so if you shift + click on something that is hidden, all the hidden tracks will become unhidden, and if you shift + click on something that is visible it will hide all of the tracks that are visible.

The same goes for audio. If you shift + click on a track that is muted, then all the muted tracks will be unmuted.