Digital Marketing Agency Partnership

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Welcome to the world of creative synergy! In today’s fast-paced digital age, video has taken the spotlight as a captivating and effective medium for brands to engage their audiences. A digital marketing agency partnership between ad agencies and video production companies can help meet the ever-growing demand for high-quality video content. So, let’s dive in […]

How To Make A Music Video

Music videos are a great tool an artist can use to promote themself. They are one of the best assets for fans, booking agents, managers, and labels to get to know what an artist looks and sounds like. The task of creating one can be daunting for artists that have no experience with video production. […]

11 Types of Marketing Videos You Need to Know About in 2021

Video is here to stay. In fact, video content has become the most effective way for brands to communicate with their audience. If you need some fuel to light your fire and get you into video creation mode, take a look at these powerful statistics that prove video deserves a big chunk of your marketing brain. Here […]

How Video Can Help Businesses During The COVID-19 Outbreak

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With so many business owners and marketers working from home due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we thought we’d provide some guidance on ways to help your business survive the resulting economic crisis of this pandemic through the use of video. Communication methods and marketing strategy may seem a little hazy right now, but company connectivity […]

Create A Commercial Using Only Stock Video

When creating commercials or marketing videos, there’s no limit to what’s possible when you’re creative. However, there are times when filming isn’t an option, which can put a damper on your vision. That’s why we set out to create a commercial using only stock video. Being stuck at home right now, we decided to look […]

Video Marketing Trends and Stats 2020

Storytelling is an ancient art that has withstood the passage of time. What once came in verbal form along with gestures and expressions is now a concoction of zeros and ones lighting up our faces through our screens of choice. In today’s world, the most popular content we humans prefer to receive our “stories” through […]

What Is An Explainer Video?

This is the situation. You end up on an elevator with somebody who can take your brand to the next level, but you only have four floors to explain what your brand does and what makes it unique. What you say needs to be impactful, but also fast and concise. That’s where we get the […]