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What Our Clients Say

Mandy Arola

Nashville Software School


Technical Expertise

From Nashville Software School’s first encounter, Push Focus has worked to understand our organization, brand, and goals to tell our story through video. Their technical expertise in recording, lighting, staging, and editing is top notch…we look forward to creating more video content with Push Focus!

Keith Patterson

The Escape Game



I’ve worked with Push Focus on projects large and small, and I am impressed by the quality, flexibility, and professionalism every time!

Lauren Henslee

Nashville Tech Council


Very Responsive

I have worked with Push Focus on many different projects throughout the years and they always produce high quality work. They are highly creative and very responsive during the planning process. You can count on them for consistently impressive finished products.

Jordan Brunelle



Easily Recommend

We’ve worked with Push Focus on several projects now and couldn’t be happier with their reliability and skill behind the camera. They are great on set and bring an abundance of fresh ideas to the project. They’re becoming our go-to, and I can easily recommend them.